February 5, 2016

"I've been doing business with Mr Tom for at least 20 years plus. His customer service is great the service is great and I really appreciate the fact that he got me in immediately after my windshield broke a couple days ago"
January 22, 2016

"Had a great experience here and I would recommend it to other people 100%. Nice people and a clean professional job!"
November 14, 2015

"I was devastated, in the wee hours my car got smashed and grab. I made a few calls to glass shops to get a price and a time frame. Tom was the best price and time frame. He offered to bring my car in to stay over night if I didn't have a shelter for it. I was so pleased when I pick up my car in about 2 hrs after I drop it. The window works and the car didn't have a piece of glass no were to be found . He vacuum it so clean. Thanks once again Tom"
July 6, 2015

"Tom replaced our window screen quickly and charged a reasonable fee. He actually called my husband before the 4th of July holiday to say his shop was closing early, so he could come and pickup the screen before that time, or come by during normal business hours on Monday. Many businesses would not take the time to call customers like this. We definitely recommend Tom's Glass!"
October 29, 2014

"My experience with Toms Glass was beyond what I expected. My luck with cars has been the worst, so when my back window got smashed & shattered on my 2013 Honda Civic, I was devastated. Luckily, I didn't have to call but 2 places to find a good deal. First place I called said it would be $730 BEFORE labor. I started to panic. Then I came across Toms Glass & called him. I dealt directly with Tom himself. He was so friendly & helpful. He couldn't give me a price due to it being a little bit later on a Saturday, but assured me he'd call me back by Monday. He called me the very next day with a price of $279. I was shocked! Since the price was so good, I went ahead & got a quote for my front window too. My front window had a lengthy crack that had spread over time that I had continued to hold off on. I figured since I was already getting my back window done & the price was right, I might as well kill two birds with one stone. I had told Tom that I would be getting financial help from my Dad since I didn't have all the money right at that moment. He then offered to let me give him a post dated check, up to 30 days, that way I could get my car fixed in the meantime. I never expected someone to be so lenient when it came to payment. Although the offer was there, we did end up paying everything up front. I got both windows replaced for $602. Considering the quote I got at the first place was $730 for just my back window, you could bet I was satisfied. I highly recommend going to Toms Glass for anyone. The quality of work was great, the service was amazing & he's been in the glass repairing business for 40 years. Tom knows what he's doing & will give you a fair price all while helping you the best he can."