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Lower Your Electric Bill with New Windows

December 13, 2019

Whenever the temperatures reach an extreme in either direction, our energy bills spike. You might be looking at your power bill and wondering how you can possibly save more money while remaining warm throughout the winter—and not have to wear every article of clothing you own all at once to make it happen. With this in mind, energy-efficient windows can be a boon for your Vacaville, CA home. When you install new windows, you’ll instantly see a power savings that will pad your wallet. So, what’s the deal with these windows? Let’s find out. Your windows are probably a financial... View Article

Top Reasons to Replace Your Auto Glass the Right Way

November 9, 2019

Your windshield is your first line of defense against a number of harmful things, so it’s natural that eventually it is bound to suffer some chips or even cracks. When your windshield suffers damage, it’s crucial to repair or replace it as soon as possible—getting into a serious accident with a cracked windshield could cause it to shatter or pop out, allowing the roof to cave in on you. It’s a frightening thought, but you can avoid it. If your windshield needs to be replaced, don’t wait—come to Tom’s Glass Co. for new windshield installation in Vacaville, CA. What your... View Article

Are Your Windows Drafty? Here Are Some Tips

October 10, 2019

It might still be warm in California, but soon the cold weather will set in and your drafty windows will be a big problem. Maybe you saw a higher-than-usual energy bill this summer, or still have windows that have been in your home since it was built decades ago. It might be time to invest in home window replacement in Vacaville, CA and treat yourself to some new, beautiful glass that more effectively keeps the cold out. How to tell if your windows are the problem Finding a draft is generally the easy part. Once you’ve turned off all fans... View Article

Six Interesting Facts About Automotive Windshields

September 21, 2019

The point of your vehicle’s windshield is to stop bugs, rocks and the elements from hitting you in the face while you’re behind the wheel driving. But the need for windshields in Vacaville, CA is actually far more important than you might imagine. A windshield provides support for your car’s frame. It keeps everyone in the passenger compartment safe from debris and serious injury during an accident. This is why you need to do what you can to keep your windshield in good condition. That means keeping the glass clean, parking in the shade and addressing small chips and cracks... View Article

Five FAQs About Glass Desktops

August 5, 2019

Nothing customizes your office quite like a beautiful glass desktop. You so rarely see glass used for desks, which is a shame, since it’s so beautiful and unique. Plus, you can pair a glass desktop with the pedestal or frame of your choosing to really personalize where you work. As you shop for desktop glass in Vacaville, CA, review these commonly-asked questions so you know what to look for when you’re making a purchase. What size glass should I get for my desktop? The size of the glass desktop you purchase depends on how much weight the pedestal you have... View Article