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When to Replace Glass vs. When to Repair It

April 23, 2020

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the importance of your car’s windshield. The car’s windshield is one of the most crucial safety features built into your vehicle. It protects your visibility, and it keeps the elements (and more than its fair share of bugs) from invading your car while you’re driving. As such, when you discover a chip, crack or any other form of damage to your windshield, it’s essential that you get it back to working condition as soon as possible. The only question that remains is whether your fix is minor or if you need complete... View Article

The Benefits of Mobile Windshield Repair

April 6, 2020

Driving around with a cracked or chipped windshield is dangerous for you, the passengers in your vehicle, other drivers and pedestrians. What seems like minor damage can quickly grow into a serious problem that makes driving safely impossible. That is why so many people call Tom’s Glass Co. about mobile windshield repair in Vacaville, CA. We come to you Regardless of the make or model of your car or truck, our professional and reliable technicians will come to you for mobile auto glass repair in Vacaville, CA. Whether you’re at your home or your workplace, you can go about your... View Article

Mirror Decorating Tips for Your Home

February 12, 2020

Mirrors are not only a way to monitor your appearance before you head off to work, school or social engagements—they’re also a clever interior design choice. Mirrors can be as decorative as they are utilitarian, and are a great way to make the rooms in your home look larger than they really are. They have the added effect of reflecting the light, which opens up your space even further. Unfortunately, mirrors have a finite lifespan, and may become cloudy or damaged over time. If you have a large or particularly unique mirror in your home that’s showing the signs of... View Article

A Brief History of Auto Glass

January 8, 2020

It’s easy to forget that the automobile has been around since the 1800s, with the first mass-produced car (Ford’s Model T) rolling off assembly lines in 1908. Even more astounding is realizing that something as integral as front windshield glass wasn’t actually a standard feature until sometime later, when the Oldsmobile company started to consider it a safety feature, rather than a convenience! The history of auto glass is fascinating. Windshield glass in particular has evolved from a thin pane of glass to our first and foremost source of protection against high winds and road debris. In fact, without it,... View Article

Lower Your Electric Bill with New Windows

December 13, 2019

Whenever the temperatures reach an extreme in either direction, our energy bills spike. You might be looking at your power bill and wondering how you can possibly save more money while remaining warm throughout the winter—and not have to wear every article of clothing you own all at once to make it happen. With this in mind, energy-efficient windows can be a boon for your Vacaville, CA home. When you install new windows, you’ll instantly see a power savings that will pad your wallet. So, what’s the deal with these windows? Let’s find out. Your windows are probably a financial... View Article

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