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How to Break Glass in a Heat-Related Auto Glass Emergency in Vacaville, CA

July 8, 2019

Most auto glass specialists focus on repairing auto glass, not breaking it. But when the weather gets hot, there are some potential emergencies that could result in your needing to break the glass of a vehicle to rescue a person or animal trapped inside. We hear these stories all too often every year—a person goes inside a store and leaves a child or dog inside the vehicle, apparently being unaware of just how hot it will get inside the vehicle on a summer’s day, and how quickly the temperature will heat up, even if the air conditioning was just on... View Article

Common Power Window Malfunctions

June 10, 2019

When you drive your car, you want to feel confident that all of its major systems and components will work the way they should. Unfortunately, a lot of vehicle systems malfunction as a result of damage or everyday wear and tear. Power windows offer a lot of convenience for drivers, but if your windows malfunction, it can make it difficult for you to utilize drive-thru windows, use drive-up ATMS or simply enjoy the breeze while you’re driving. Read on to find out more about common power window malfunctions and how power window repair in Vacaville, CA can be used to... View Article

How Much Does Home Window Replacement Cost?

May 14, 2019

You’re seeing all the signs that you need new windows, like increased wear and tear and higher heating and cooling bills. But how much does home window replacement in Vacaville, CA actually cost? Of course, it depends on the size of your home and how many windows are replaced. Windows cost an average of $650 apiece, so you need to multiply that number by how many windows are in your home to get a rough idea of what you’re looking at. While window replacement is costly, the reality is that it’s an investment in your property’s value. New windows can... View Article

Five Window Maintenance Tips

April 12, 2019

Windows are a serious investment for any homeowner, yet they’re easy to forget about in day-to-day life because we tend to take them for granted. This comes with a cost, though, because well-maintained windows will last for years to come and will help you avoid expensive repairs or replacement. There are basic, simple steps to take that will help you limit costs in residential window repair in Vacaville, CA. Here’s how to keep your windows in the best condition possible: Clean frames and windows: Windows are exposed to everything Mother Nature throws at them, from rain, snow and ice to... View Article

Maintaining and Upgrading Your Home Windows

March 9, 2019

Windows play such an important role in your life. They allow the sunshine to spill into your home, they keep the cold air from entering and they let you enjoy the view of the neighborhood around you. They are so interwoven into your life that when one is damaged or worn, you notice it right away. The key to making sure that your windows have a long life is to maintain them always and know when to upgrade. If you’re considering investing in window replacement in Vacaville, CA, read on to see what circumstances should definitely send you to a... View Article