Should You Repair or Replace Your Glass Tabletop?

August 31, 2020

Glass tabletops are a great way to add visual space to your home or office—it gives the illusion that the room is more “open” than it actually is, and reduces the impact of a traditional table. Over time, however, most glass tabletops will get scratched or chipped, and may need some attention to ensure they continue to look nice.

Glass tabletops are cut to size from large pieces of glass, buffed and then tempered. Tempering glass makes it harder, stronger and scratch resistant. However, no matter how careful you are, accidents happen, and they will detract from your glass tabletop’s beauty. Scratches vary, ranging from light etching as a result of everyday use, to deeper scratches that occur when hard objects are dragged across the surface. Occasionally, despite tempering, the tabletop can even crack.

Can you refinish and repair the top, or do you need to replace the whole thing? Glass repair in Vacaville, CA can make it possible for you to restore your glass tabletop.

Buffing glass tabletops

If your glass tabletop is simply scratched or etched, there’s no need to replace the entire thing. Taking your tabletop to a glass repair shop like Tom’s Glass Co. can restore the original beauty at a lower price. Your glass repair specialists will use a buffer or sander to remove the scratches. Depending on how deep they are, some may still be visible even after buffing.

Some DIY enthusiasts prefer to try to buff their tabletops at home before taking them to a professional. You can use a whitening toothpaste (which is slightly more abrasive than regular toothpaste) and apply it to the glass with a clean, soft cloth. Rub the cloth in circles for a few minutes, then rinse to see if the etching has disappeared.

If toothpaste doesn’t work, try superfine steel wool (look for #0000 grade). This should buff out the scratches without creating new ones, although you’ll need to be very careful. Liquid pumice soap can also accomplish the same thing.

For light cosmetic scratches and etching, these DIY methods should be enough. If, however, you find the results lacking, the best thing to do is take your tabletop to a professional glass repair shop. They’ll have the tools and skills to restore your tabletop without damaging it further.

Custom glass tabletop replacement

You can also replace your glass tabletop entirely. This is best for deep scratches, or if the glass cracks—not only is it unsightly, but cracked glass tables are unsafe. Your glass repair shop in Vacaville, CA will custom-cut tempered glass to fit your table, so you’ll be able to enjoy your existing table for years to come.

Tom’s Glass Co. is Vacaville’s premier auto and residential glass repair shop. We fix everything from glass tabletops to windshields and broken windows. Instead of throwing out your old, damaged table, bring it to us. We’ll work to fix major glass damage whenever possible, and can custom-cut glass if your table is beyond repair. Call us today to get a quote.

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