The Benefits of Replacing Your Window Screen

August 8, 2020

Summer is here, and if you don’t have screens on your home windows, you’re probably missing out on the cooler nighttime fresh air—that is, unless you enjoy bugs and debris coming into your home while you sleep. The same goes for windows with bent or damaged screens.

Window screen replacement in Vacaville, CA is the best way to make sure that you can enjoy fresh air without everything that comes along with it. Here are the main benefits of replacing your window screens:

  • Keep debris where it needs to be: First and foremost, if you’re a fan of a clean home (and who isn’t?) and want to keep dirt, dust, pollen, leaves and insects outside where they belong, you need functional window screens. They help you enjoy the fresh air while keeping dirt and dust outside.
  • Save money: You probably already know that air conditioning costs in Vacaville border on unreasonable during the hot, dry summers and well into the fall—but there’s no need to breathe in that stagnant air all the time. Instead, install or replace your window screens so you can let in the cooler nighttime air. That saves you money on your air conditioning bill, and is overall quite a bit healthier. Ventilation is key.
  • Protect your pets: Do you have an indoor pet who firmly believes they should get outdoor privileges? The grass might be greener to them, but it’s unlikely that you want Fluffy to get outside and go on the pet equivalent of spring break in Cancun. With good window screens, however, you can keep your windows open without worrying that Spot has found a way to strike out on his own.
  • Deter thieves: Thieves usually capitalize on crimes of opportunity, and the more obstacles you can throw up in their path, the less tempting your home will be. It takes extra time to remove or cut through screens, which means it’s harder for them to get in and get out. Putting up window screens is a smart way to send the message that it will be harder to break into your home than into others. (Hopefully, no homes will be easy to break into—but if they’re going to try, why should it be yours?)
  • Increase your curb appeal: Finally, having clean, fresh window screens on all your windows just looks better. Whether or not you plan to sell your home, ensuring that you have new window screens makes for a uniform look—and you’ll enjoy all the other benefits we’ve listed above, as well.

In other words, there’s no down side to replacing your window screens. Keep pests and dirt out, keep your pets inside and deter thieves from stopping by when you make this simple upgrade.

Your windows are for opening and enjoying, and window screen replacement in Vacaville, CA is key in making that a possibility. Call Tom’s Glass Co. today to learn more about how to measure and replace your window screens. We look forward to helping you.

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