The Sun and Your Windshield

July 17, 2020

Summer is in full swing, including the triple-digit temperatures this area is known for. Hot summer days and cooler nights cause glass to expand and contract, which makes your windshield susceptible to cracks. Plus, many people are on the road more often, making it more likely that you’ll hit rocks or other objects that chip or crack your windshield.

Read on to learn why keeping the number of a good auto glass and windshield repair company in Vacaville, CA is even more important during the summertime.

Heat and your windshield

Swinging between hot and cold temperatures puts extra stress on your windshield. As the outdoor temperature gets hotter, the glass in your windshield expands, but when the temperatures cool, it contracts and can crack. The best thing to do in this case is make sure that if you’re cooling your car artificially, like with an air conditioner, you do so slowly. That Arctic blast setting might feel great, but it could cause your windshield to crack right before your eyes. If you already have small cracks and chips in your windshield, this may cause them to worsen.

You should also be careful when getting in and out of your car. Slamming the door jars the glass in your car. If it’s already under stress, the extra impact could lead to a big crack.

Road trips and windshield damage

Cracks can be caused by the temperature, but often they start with small chips or cracks from impacts with gravel, falling objects and even birds. The more you’re out on the road, the more likely you’ll be to suffer windshield damage. Generally, as long as those cracks or chips stay small and don’t obstruct your vision, you don’t need to immediately rush out to the auto glass or windshield repair company in Vacaville, CA—but if they start spreading, you’ll need to get them addressed right away.

The sooner you catch chips and cracks, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to repair them at a minimal cost. Many companies use resin to seal the crack or chip and keep it from spreading, as long as it’s small and doesn’t present the possibility for further damage. However, if the cracks and chips spread, you’re more likely to need to replace the entire windshield.

Should you need to replace your windshield, make sure you ask your auto glass company if the bonding material is suitable for your particular climate, as well as how long your vehicle needs to cure before you can safely drive away from the shop. Should you get the replacement on a particularly hot or cold day, this will affect how long you need to allow the windshield to cure.

Get auto glass and windshield repair in Vacaville, CA

Don’t drive around with a cracked or chipped windshield, just hoping it will stay intact—let the team at Tom’s Glass Co. help you. We specialize in windshield repair and will ensure that any cracks, chips or replacements are fixed seamlessly.

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