Mirror Decorating Tips for Your Home

February 12, 2020

Mirrors are not only a way to monitor your appearance before you head off to work, school or social engagements—they’re also a clever interior design choice. Mirrors can be as decorative as they are utilitarian, and are a great way to make the rooms in your home look larger than they really are. They have the added effect of reflecting the light, which opens up your space even further.

Unfortunately, mirrors have a finite lifespan, and may become cloudy or damaged over time. If you have a large or particularly unique mirror in your home that’s showing the signs of age, call the experts at Tom’s Glass Co. for mirror replacement in Vacaville, CA. We can replace broken mirror pieces, replace cloudy mirrors in your antique vanities or create a large “statement” piece to achieve a striking visual effect.

If you’ve never decorated with mirrors before, don’t be intimidated. Here are a few of our top tips for decorating with mirrors:

  • Decide what you want to reflect: Look around your room before you go any further—what part of the room do you want to reflect? If you have a beautiful view out the front window, placing a large mirror on the opposite wall will double the effect. It will also reflect light, so be careful with any east- or west-facing windows.
  • Set off your greenery: If you have a green thumb, your plants are a point of pride. Placing a mirror behind your plants, especially dramatic foliage like trailing ivy, can make them look even more impressive. It also gives you a chance to monitor the plants’ growth from all angles without having to disturb them.
  • Show off your art: If you have great art pieces, placing mirrors to reflect that art around the room can be a fun way to echo the theme throughout the space.
  • Try patterned mirrors: Some mirrors come in unusual shapes, while others may be etched with interesting patterns. These are ideal for reflecting abstract colors and shapes instead of people, which may be distracting.
  • Mirror groupings: If you have several interesting mirrors, try grouping them together on your walls to create a gallery wall effect.
  • Open up your entryway: If your home’s entryway is dark or crowded, using mirrors on the hallway can make the space seem bigger and more inviting, reflecting and amplifying the existing light. (Plus, you’ll appreciate having one last opportunity to check your hair before you walk out the door.)

Mirror replacement in Vacaville, CA

Ready to decorate your home with mirrors, or repair and replace the ones you own? Tom’s Glass Co. is your go-to shop for mirror replacement in Vacaville, CA, as well as auto glass repair and a range of other glass services. We’re a family owned and operated shop offering residential glass services to clients in Vacaville and beyond. Let us use our decades of experience to repair or replace your mirrors, windows, tabletops and more. Call or stop by today to get started redoing the mirrors in your home or business.

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