Lower Your Electric Bill with New Windows

December 13, 2019

Whenever the temperatures reach an extreme in either direction, our energy bills spike. You might be looking at your power bill and wondering how you can possibly save more money while remaining warm throughout the winter—and not have to wear every article of clothing you own all at once to make it happen.

With this in mind, energy-efficient windows can be a boon for your Vacaville, CA home. When you install new windows, you’ll instantly see a power savings that will pad your wallet. So, what’s the deal with these windows? Let’s find out.

Your windows are probably a financial drain

Most windows, no matter how old your home is, are not the most energy-efficient solutions you can purchase. While newer homes tend to have better insulation, many builders still opt for the cheapest and fastest solution, which means lesser quality.

When you have drafty, low-quality windows, the warmth or coolness of your house literally goes out the window, along with your hard-earned money. The more outside air creeps in, the harder it is for your HVAC system to keep up. Now multiply that times the number of windows in your home, and you see the problem.

Energy-efficient windows save money

According to Energy Star, if you replace your windows with something more insulated, you could be looking at a 14 to 31 percent savings on your bill each month. This is because energy-efficient windows use multiple panes of glass and are filled with a non-reactive gas (usually argon or krypton) to let you have a clear view while also regulating temperatures. The extra panes of glass and the non-reactive gas form additional barriers that make it hard for hot or cold air to pass through.

You’ll also save money in other subtle ways. For example, think of how your favorite rug or piece of furniture has been faded by sunlight over time. It’s frustrating to try to find that balance between enjoying natural light but not damaging your property in the process. Energy-efficient windows can help—they actually block up to 99.7 percent of harmful UV radiation. Not only is that better for your health (who puts on sunblock to spend time indoors?), but it will also help you prevent your furniture and décor from fading. When you’re trying to preserve your investment—or just a piece that you really love—these windows can ultimately save you a lot of money.

No matter what your energy bill looks like, if your windows are old, dingy or cloudy, it’s time to bring them into the 21st century.

Energy-efficient windows in Vacaville, CA

Tom’s Glass Co. is the best place to find energy-efficient windows in Vacaville, CA. When you get your windows replaced with us, we guarantee a fast and seamless process that is sure to save you money on your electric bills. We offer superior workmanship, friendly service, and great rates, so you can safely invest in your home’s energy efficiency. Call us today to find out what it would take to get your home outfitted with energy-efficient windows.

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