Are Your Windows Drafty? Here Are Some Tips

October 10, 2019

It might still be warm in California, but soon the cold weather will set in and your drafty windows will be a big problem. Maybe you saw a higher-than-usual energy bill this summer, or still have windows that have been in your home since it was built decades ago. It might be time to invest in home window replacement in Vacaville, CA and treat yourself to some new, beautiful glass that more effectively keeps the cold out.

How to tell if your windows are the problem

Finding a draft is generally the easy part. Once you’ve turned off all fans and anything else that can move air, light a candle or incense and use it to identify the source of the draft. You’ll know you found it when the candle flickers or the incense smoke is disturbed. Mark the place.

If you can’t pinpoint the source of the draft, not to worry—professionals have several other ways they can identify where your issues stem from. Depending on the age of your windows and whether a professional installed them, the source of the draft might not be immediately obvious. Over the years, window technology has vastly improved. If your glass is single-pane, it will naturally provide less insulation than the double- or triple-pane windows that are popular and common now.

Once you’ve found the draft, it may not actually be a problem with your window. Sometimes after we use windows, we forget to close them properly. Open and shut your windows and check their seals to see if that fixes the problem.

Your windows and window frame may not be the cause of the draft, either. Occasionally, walls can spring air leaks. Check your light fixtures, pipes, outlets and exhaust fans to see if the draft is coming from any of those locations.

Reducing the impact of a draft

Once you’ve had a professional come out to perform home window replacement in Vacaville, CA, that should take care of your problem. However, if you have to wait to replace or repair your windows—and it’s not uncommon for homeowners to tackle projects of this size in stages—here are some handy tips to keep your home warm:

  • Try adding curtains: Some curtains are better than others for blocking drafts. Heavier fabrics or multiple layers of window treatments should help keep your home warmer.
  • Rearrange your furniture: Is your favorite armchair catching the arctic breeze from outside? It might be time to move your living room around. You can also use furniture to block the draft, such as putting an armoire or bookcase in front of the source.

Time for home window replacement in Vacaville, CA?

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