How to Break Glass in a Heat-Related Auto Glass Emergency in Vacaville, CA

July 8, 2019

Most auto glass specialists focus on repairing auto glass, not breaking it. But when the weather gets hot, there are some potential emergencies that could result in your needing to break the glass of a vehicle to rescue a person or animal trapped inside. We hear these stories all too often every year—a person goes inside a store and leaves a child or dog inside the vehicle, apparently being unaware of just how hot it will get inside the vehicle on a summer’s day, and how quickly the temperature will heat up, even if the air conditioning was just on full blast.

In general, your first step should always be to call 911, take a photo and find the owner of the vehicle. But some circumstances might necessitate further action, in which case it’s important to know how to safely break through the exceptionally strong auto glass to resolve the situation.

Here’s a quick overview of the steps you should take in this type of auto glass emergency in Vacaville, CA:

  • Remove a spark plug: Auto glass is designed to resist blunt force, so you’ll need a sharp, pointed object to break through it. One reliable method is to remove a spark plug from under the hood of the vehicle (or another vehicle, like your own or that of a bystander, if you tell them about the situation).
  • Smash the plug: With the plug in your hand, smash it on the ground if you’re on pavement, or into the side of a building made with bricks or concrete. It can also help if you have a hammer or other object with which you can smash the plug. Doing so will chip away some of the porcelain covering, which will result in there being sharp pieces of porcelain you can use as projectiles. Be careful not to cut your hand with these pieces.
  • Do a mock throw: With babies or animals, you’re not going to be able to communicate properly what you are about to do. With animals, doing a mock throw can at least naturally force them to get away from the window. With babies, go for a window that is not close to the car seat.
  • Throw: Throw the sharp piece of porcelain at the side window or back windshield as hard as you can. Even if you can’t generate much force, the sharpness and hardness of the porcelain focuses the blow on a small area, resulting in a crack in the auto glass that will then spread out. The tempered glass will shatter safely in a way that doesn’t produce sharp shards, so you should then be able to pull out the window from the hole.
  • Get the animal or person into a cool space: It may be easier said than done with a frightened animal, but your immediate step should be to get them to a cool area and offer water and a damp, cool cloth. Wait for authorities to arrive and explain the steps you took.

For more information about how to conduct yourself in an auto glass emergency in Vacaville, CA, contact Tom’s Glass Co. today.

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