Five FAQs About Glass Desktops

August 5, 2019

Nothing customizes your office quite like a beautiful glass desktop. You so rarely see glass used for desks, which is a shame, since it’s so beautiful and unique. Plus, you can pair a glass desktop with the pedestal or frame of your choosing to really personalize where you work. As you shop for desktop glass in Vacaville, CA, review these commonly-asked questions so you know what to look for when you’re making a purchase.

What size glass should I get for my desktop?

The size of the glass desktop you purchase depends on how much weight the pedestal you have can hold. If the glass is too large, it will easily tip over and potentially break, along with sending all of your desktop items to the floor. Most standard rectangular glass desktops are 36 inches by 48 inches, but they’re available up to 42 inches by 78 inches. Again, measure your pedestal to ascertain what will best fit and support the glass you’ve chosen.

Is there a difference between a glass desktop and a glass desktop cover?

Yes, there is a significant difference between a glass desktop and a glass desktop cover. A glass desktop is meant to sit atop a pedestal or frame, whereas a cover is meant to protect the top of a valuable or antique desktop or table. Many people opt for glass desktop covers to extend the life of their desktops, especially when materials such as marble or wood are used as finishes. It’s also easier to clean a glass desktop cover than it is a marble or wood one, thus keeping your workspace neater and more hygienic.

How do I select the correct glass thickness?

Since a glass desktop cover is meant to protect a surface, the piece of glass doesn’t need to be more than ¼ inch thick. However, a glass desktop supports the weight of everything you work with, meaning the glass thickness needs to be between ⅜ and ½ inch.

How do I prevent damage to my glass desktop?

The biggest concern with a glass desktop is its durability. A good quality, thick piece of glass is stronger than you might imagine, but is susceptible to cracks when exposed to high temperatures. Computers can heat up, and while it is unlikely your machine would get hot enough to crack your glass desktop, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Place your computer on a stand or rack to allow airflow to prevent overheating that could crack your desktop.

Are glass desktops only available in square or rectangular shapes?

No! You can buy desktop glass in Vacaville, CA in round or oval shapes as well. Different types of glass are also available to really customize your office space. You can also choose from different edge and corner styles. The options are endless!

If you are looking for tabletop glass in Vacaville, CA, call Tom’s Glass Co. for the best deals and quality. We offer high-end glass desktops in every size, shape and style. We can help you find exactly what you want for your desk.

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